Congressman Sensenbrenner Laughs about Japan Tragedy

To be honest, I have never liked Congressman James Sensenbrenner (5th district, Wisconsin). But until I went to one of his town hall meetings today, I never realized the depth of the difference between him and me.

Let me step back and tell you why I was at his town hall meeting. For the last few weeks, I have been volunteering to remove Alberta Darling from her role as State Senator. I was in Menomonee Falls this weekend collecting signatures when I found out that Congressman Sensenbrenner would be holding a town hall meeting at the Menomonee Falls Village Hall on Sunday.

I thought I would attend because the Congressman invites state representatives to be at his town hall meetings with him to address any state issues that might arise. This meant that Senator Darling might be there.

I arrived to a packed room, but no Alberta Darling. I stayed anyway, wondering what I would hear.

It didn’t take long. In response to the first audience question regarding light rail, Congressman Sensenbrenner said, in part, that in order for high-speed rail to work in Wisconsin, it would have to have a feeder system like they have in Europe and Japan. Then he said, “Or like they had in Japan until a few days ago. Heh, heh.”

Yes, he guffawed.

And, guess what, most of the audience laughed with him.

I was sickened. I couldn’t believe what I had heard.

I stayed for another 30 minutes, but after a few more uncomfortable moments like this, I just had to leave.

I know that the Congressman has video of it because one of his staff set up an iPhone to video the meeting. I am sure he will not share it.



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