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  1. Dan Knauss:

    lit drop for mr. morgan:

    I’m one of Una’s neighbors. Want to know why I’m voting for her? Call me at 793-6810.

    Stuff from her campaign literature:

    The Journal-Sentinel has endorsed Una Van Duvall, and so has the Human Rights League. Both the Journal and HRL cite Van Duvall’s extensive experience in community and economic development.

    A Clear Vision. A Clear Record. A Clear Choice.
    A Clear Choice

    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has joined the many people and organizations endorsing UNA VAN DUVALL as the clear choice to move the 6th District forward.

    Help create positive change in the 6th District!

    Vote for UNA VAN DUVALL in the primary election on Tuesday, April 3.

    For information about where to vote,
    call 414-286-VOTE (8683)
    or visit
    If you need a ride to the polls, call

    For more information about
    UNA’s campaign, visit

    Authorized and paid for by Friends of UNA, Inc.
    Brian Dettmering, Treasurer

    “Her experience in city government and as a community activist, combined with her skills as a consensus builder, gives Van Duvall the best chance of the eight
    candidates in the field to get things done.”

    – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

  2. Bill Stocks:

    Jim – My comment about people not choosing to use their real names when posting was not directed at deputyinsider, but I am really interested on your take. If people believe passionately about something why would they hide their name?

  3. Bountyhunter:

    Jim, Jim, Jim:

    Saw you in the best of blogs in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on Sunday, June 17, 2007.

    One of the things my ten (10) computers do is allow me to monitor and stay informed of whatever search parameters I assign to them.

    I had forgotten about you until today because you haven’t made any noises I would be interested in. Your blog tells me you want to erase your “Waterloo” memories from the populace for future reasons yet to be determined.

    Napoleon had his “Waterloo”, Kennedy had his “Chappaquiddick”, and you will always have your vote on the “Milwaukee County Pension Scandal”, and your infamous quote; “I don’t want my wife to starve”. Heck of a thing to say when the average wage earner is making less than $30,000.00 per year and supporting a family compared to what you were making when you represented them.

    Remember Kelly Wahl, the legislative aide with MS, who got so tired of you not acknowledging her pleasantries in the hall that she finally answered herself for what you should have said. That speaks volumes about you and your response to the common person and also indicates why the average person should never allow you to an elected office again and why anyone wishing to appoint you in a public position should be very careful for their own political future.

    Glad I caught your article!


  4. Dan:

    You asked about people leaving the Roger Waters Concert Monday Nite. I was in a wave of about twelve people leaving mid way thru the concert.We all wanted the same thing.Our money back.We all agreed we paid for a concert and received a left wing political rally.Roger Waters went way over the line in his personal attacks and mockery. I can see this everyday on the news for free.Someone needs to explain to Roger what entertainment is!!!

  5. H. Nelson Goodson:

    National Call For Action Spreading Thru Internet Rapidly

    E-mail has also crossed U.S. borders into other countries around the world!

    By H. Nelson Goodson
    El Conquistador Newspaper
    3206 W. National Ave.
    Milwaukee, WI 53215
    July 13, 2007

    Milwaukee- An e-mail calling for national action and the financial management of our economic purchasing power by Latinos and immigrants to influence immigration reform is circulating and spreading like wild fire on the Internet. Even, conservative and anti-immigrant groups have posted the e-mail on their web sites. The posted on their web page, “We won round 1. NEW Immigration fights are gearing up. WATCH where you spend your money $$$ !! DON’T relax. The fight is not over YET. Supporters of Amnesty are already gearing up for the next round. We cannot rest on our laurels until we pass legislation that prevents any future Amnesty bill from ever passing.”
    The e-mail has also crossed the United States border into other countries. The circulating e-mail reads, last month’s decision by the U.S. Senate to block an immigration bill has left Immigration reformist around the country debating about what alternatives are left and how to bring an immigration bill back to the floor. The Senate’s decision to block any action in approving a bill has for now sealed its fate. Will the House now have enough support to revive the issue? Probably not, and advocates for a just immigration bill will now have to wait until after the 2008 Presidential elections.
    Will the current Presidential candidates take up the debate and promise to support and sign a comprehensive immigration bill into law as President George W. Bush has agreed to do so? We might have to wait for an answer from the candidates.
    Undocumented immigrants contribute more than 890 billion of dollars into our U.S. economy per year. Millions of americans who support immigration reform, including immigration advocacy groups, educators, community based organizations, unions and members of the entertainment industry as well as major Latino owned businesses, food processors, financial institutions, mortgage firms, corporations, manufacturers, and the list continues, have and will continue to contribute just as much into our economy.
    Last year and including May 1, 2007, the immigrant population, their families, friends and supporters for immigration reform have marched in huge numbers totaling millions throughout cities around the country. Their ability to organize and vote resulted in the unexpected control of both houses by Democrats. Even President Bush surrounded by his cabinet with frowning looks conceded defeat live on national news networks.
    Immigrants, advocacy groups and supporters have united for a common cause throughout the nation. Their efforts have yet to be taken seriously by those opposing the legalization of the 12 million undocumented immigrants already in the country.
    What alternatives do immigrants have for now to get the immigration issue resolve in the near future? Immigration advocates could argue by looking at the current situation that undocumented immigrants are left with few options. But today, there is one rewarding option which has not been fully utilized by immigrants.
    Immigrants need an effective strategy for financial management of their economic purchasing power which totals in the billions of dollars to influence immigration reform. People from across the country have suggested for financial management of our expenditures and are waiting for the inevitable. The national call for action is the inevitable.
    Our success to bring about a just immigration reform depends on every individual and persons willing to adjust their spending practices. Today, we spend our money just about anywhere and on anything without realizing who actually ends up with our money. The Senate’s decision to block immigration reform sends the wrong message that undocumented immigrants from Russia, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Mexico and all over the world are not welcome in America, especially when they help contribute to their state and cities’ economy and cultural wealth.
    On September 17, we should begin to invest, shop and spend our money in businesses and entities that support immigration reform. We have a grace period from now until September to begin adjusting our expenditures by shopping in places that are willing to post a sign in the window saying “We Support Immigration Reform Now” and display a copy of a certified letter sent to their Congress and U.S. Senate Representative requesting support. If they don’t know about it, feel free to advise them to post one up as soon as they can.
    Once we are able to manage our purchasing power as a united effort throughout the nation, then we can accomplish our quest to influence the passage of a just immigration reform. Why has September 17 been chosen as the target date to actually begin our full strategic action throughout the nation. It’s the day after the well celebrated 16 de septiembre la Independencia de Mexico. On September 16, numerous communities with largely Hispanic populations throughout our nation recognize and celebrate the Independence of Mexico, which has been commercialized by this country. It’s a celebration where non Hispanics also take time to go out and consume Mexican products, eat tacos and enjoy Mariachi music.
    Opponents of immigration reform claim that a large portion of Hispanics in the country are undocumented. In conjunction with September, Hispanic Heritage month begins and will no doubt provide awareness of how truly Hispanics and immigrants have contributed to our nation. As a nation, we recognize the achievements and contributions Latinos and non Latinos have done while working along side each other for the welfare, freedom, liberty, economic success, and especially for those brave women and men who have given their lives as the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country and uphold the U.S. Constitution.

  6. Jim McGuigan:


    I see you haven’t used your real name — this is common place for the cowards on the right so you’re not doing anything out of character.

    But what the heck, I’ll address your little smear. Yes, I’ll always have my little smear from Republicans just as Bill Clinton had his impeachment. That partisan attack (impeachment for a bogus reason) didn’t mean he wasn’t the greatest President of his time and the partisan attack against me had no merit so it doesn’t affect me either. I suppose a better thing to argue would be that he is doing better off financially since leaving office and so am I so get over it. I have.

    As for my “quote”, I never made the quote reporter Steve Schulze attributed to me in that context. Schulze wasn’t bright enought to keep two stories separate and when he asked me if I would do the job for free I commented something to the tune of no, my family is important and I won’t work for free.

    If Kelly feels hurt for some reason this is news to me. I always respond in kind to those who greet me.

  7. milwhowie:

    David Clarke, while in the Milwaukee Detective Bureau, was known as a “clothes horse.” He, as a Detective Lieutenant, criticized the socks worn by a Detective and proudly displayed his paisley socks which he paid a lot of money for at a high fashion menswear store he frequented. He suggested to this Detective that HE, too, shop at the same expensive store. When the Detective said he bought his socks at Sam’s Club, Clarke laughed loudly. He wore an ankle holster so as to not diminish, intrude upon his clothing profile. That was against rules and regulations. As sheriff he is seen wearing an assortment of casual clothing, most with gold embroidered badges or logos of his office. I wonder who is paying for these gaudy adornments? How much control does the MCSD budget and clothing regulations have over his tendency to bedeck himself with whatever he wants? The local media was asked to investigate his funding for his clothing, but they seem to be in his pocket and love everything he says and does and wears. Now the new badges!!! OMG. I can just bet that if he becomes mayor he will design, at taxpayer’s expense, a uniform for that office also.

  8. appleton14:

    So David Clarke was a ‘clothes horse’ when he worked in the MPD Detective Bureau. So what, who cares? Deputy Sheriffs get a very generous allotment every year to get their uniforms in good repair, so why is milwhowie whining?

  9. Ironfinger:

    first off, you can update this web site. Second,none of you out there in fuzzy land know very much about clark. I retired in 95 from MCSD after 25yrs of faithful service in just about every bureau.clark is a self-centered,egotistical,non compliance to the rules and regs I’ve ever meet in my life.
    Try this on for size;clark reduced the freeway sqds by 60%.Elimated the wittness protection unit.deputies who work in the CJ are being so badly dumped on that there unable to complete their assigements and there fore go into a PTS. clark said;if he ever finds a deputy with that its out the door.if your called into his office,you must leave your service weapon with the secretary..This is just but a few of the things he has done to the department. Want more….contact the Milw County Deputy Sheriff’s assn and talk to the president of that assn. Theres been no one hired since 05.Figgure that out!!!

  10. Sara:

    Just wondering if anybody else is starting to follow the fight between the Shepherd and MKE over Starbucks distribution. Pretty funny post from Art Kumbalek on the whole situation:

  11. Milwaukee Watcher:

    On the day my Milwaukee tax bill arrived, I learned that the Milwaukee Public Library is making severe cuts to its services. I am disgusted that MPL is limiting taxpayers’ access to the library collection we own. If MPL can pay someone to run a MySpace web site, it should be able to continue the services we expect a library to provide.

  12. Ken Brosky:

    Hello fellow liberal!

    I just wanted to let you know that I threw up a link to your site on my own blog over at:

    I’m blogging for MyCommunityNow, and I’m making a point of adding other sites that deserve some attention. You can add a reciprocal link to my site if you want, it’s up to you.

    Ken Brosky

  13. obama supporter:

    I am a volunteer with the Barack Obama campaign. We are looking for supporters to join us at the Grand Opening of our South Howell Barack Obama Campaign for a Change office. The Grand Opening will be held this Saturday Sept. 20th, from 4-6:30pm and will include food, entertainment, special speakers and an opportunity to network with other Obama supporters and find out ways to be involved in the campaign. The Presidential race in Wisconsin is EXTREMELY tight. Every vote will count and everyone that can volunteer or provide food or office supplies for volunteers can help make a difference!

    I hope to see you there!

  14. Aaron S. Robertson:

    Robertson for State Assembly official Web site:

    Aaron S. Robertson, conservative Democratic candidate, 83rd Assembly District

  15. Tony Clements:

    jim, i found your site months ago, after i’d heard one of many ridiculous charlie sykes’ quotes, and i haven’t been back since. until today. and i’m glad i did some exploring.

    great stuff on the site, good commentary, and intelligent discussion. i’ll be back.


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