CRG member Orville Seymer’s $1,000,000 Get Rich Quick Scheme — Sue the Taxpayers

Could it be? The same group that I’ve said for years was a bunch of miscreats and troublemakers veiled in a guise of a taxpayer watchdog group are lifting the veil?

You be the Judge. CRG Spokesman Orville Seymer

CRG oft-spokesman Orville Seymer is suing the County for $1 Million dollars, an amount that excites Dr. Evil, but should rile taxpayers.

Apparently County Board Chairman Lee Holloway tossed Seymer out of an open County meeting for taking a sarcasting swipe at the Chairman’s attendance record. Seymer may have thought he was funny by thanking the Chairman for actually showing up, but Holloway appears to have developed a bit of a thin skin after months of CRG needling him for accused ethics charges.

Now mind you, they’re attacking Holloway for ethics charges as County Executive Scott Walker is pushing the appointment of an ethically challenged CRG founder, Don Uebelacker, as the next Chairman of the Ethics Board.

Let’s put this all together. CRG is attacking Holloway for ethics charges but wants their own ethically challenged founders to chair the ethics committee. CRG has attacked County Supervisors for not watching out for the taxpayers while another CRG founder is suing the county for $1 Million because his feelings are hurt.

So much for CRG’s claim that they “exists to represent the interests of Taxpayers in the State of Wisconsin.”


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Below: The webpage capture image CRG doesn’t want you to know about.



  1. John-david Morgan:

    The CRG for all of its crooked bluster, again shows itself to be extremely thin-skinned. Watchdogs will recall that Kliesmet sicked a lawyer on us when we wondered why CRG Network was running a Republican Party of Wisconsin ad on their website. (see above)

    As for Holloway giving Orville the boot — let’s place that in context with the icy cold reception CRG received at city hall last week in their last ditch attempt to poison the Riverbend Development project [Manpower’s move downtown]. Scott Walker and Joe Rice may be the last two politicians in Milwaukee who takes Seymer, Uebelacker and Kliesmet seriously. Journal Sentinel has certainly stopped taking them seriously. CRG minus the newsmaker status gained in the pension scandal is …

    Politically bankrupt – a toothless dog that can’t even yelp when gumming its tail.

  2. Jim McGuigan:

    I don’t know if the JS has stopped taking CRG seriously. Just because Kliesmet was trying to get the county to fund his little business venture and just because Seymer is trying to get a million from the taxpayers doesn’t mean they won’t call CRG a taxpayer watchdog group in the past.

    You’ve got to remember, the JS has been giving CRG very favorable coverage for a couple years now and I don’t think a few stories of CRG’s disingenuous and hypocritical actions will change that.

  3. John-david Morgan:

    One can only hope. Now that you mention it, the JS “Business” section did give front page treatment and a good chunk of jump space on Saturday, Jan. 28, to CRG’s opposition to the Gary Grunau’s Riverbend development package for Manpower’s move downtown. Labor’s support for the project on Monday the 30th, on the other hand, received three or four sentences in the ‘briefs’ section.

    As things played out at the Common Council Tuesday the 31st, Kliesmet and CRG found themselves cast as comic relief. The JS, not being the most creative about placing proper context on the faces in its stories, almost got it, not quite, in its Wednesday story.

    Now that Spivak and Bice and Bruce Murphy of Mil. Mag have dressed Seymer in a clown suit in their articles, and that JS has taken on the Uebelacker story at the county, we might see the CRG dropped from a few reporters’ rolodexes.

    We can only hope.

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