PODCAST: Milwaukee County Parks neglected by leaders

Microphone CloseupThis is the first installment of “Driving with Jim” handsfree podcasting.

You’ve seen how bad our parks have been maintained — now you’ll know why. I’ll explore some of the problems with our parks and name names. I also touch on mass transit and how Governor Jim Doyle gave County Executive Scott Walker additional funds for transportation only to have Walker use it for other purposes — resulting in more fare increases and service cuts. Click here to listen.

Special thanks to Jason Haas at Dyskeptic Radio for technical assistance.


NOTE: Since this podcast was originally published, requests have come in for a smaller version. We have taken your requests to heart and the file was reduced from over 20mb to just 3mb.  We think the quality is still pretty decent but if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.



  1. Suzanne in Milw:

    This sounds very interesting! Do you have any plans to publish a transcipt of you podcasts? The few among your followers who still use dial-up would be forever grateful.

  2. John-david Morgan:

    Not at present. Unless we find a program that can do it electronically, transcribing might be too time-consuming, given the demand for new content.

  3. Jim McGuigan:

    Done.  The size of the podcast is 1/4 of what it was before.  Thanks for mentioning the challenge you had with the size.  If there’s any other way can make the site more user friendly, please let me know.  All my best, Jim

  4. Suzanne in Milw:

    Wow! Thanks for such quick assistance. I learn things here that I can find nowhere else and really appreciate that.

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