Reynolds says NO to recording his public hearings

Talk about paranoid… State Senator Tom Reynolds held a public town hall meeting recently at the Wauwatosa Public Library and he demanded that a listener turn off their camcorder.

Reynolds claimed that it was a private meeting and therefore not subject to being recorded. Here’s the problem with that — if Reynolds chooses to hold his town hall meeting (or whatever he wants to call it) in a public building, there are requirements that it be open. So what’s the harm in having a recording of the Senator’s comments?

Those of us who weren’t in the room may never know.


SCOOP: Watchdog Milwaukee was the first to break this story. Click here to download the 14 MB file of the whole hour and click here to read the follow up by the Spice Boys.



  1. Mortified West Allis Resident:

    Does this really surprise anyone??? As someone who has actually attended a Reynolds “town meeting/love fest” virtually the only people present are Senator Reynolds minions who throw softball questions at him regarding his narrow legislative agenda, disparage secular humanists (whatever that is???) and tell him what he wants to hear. NONE of which are related to the critical issues facing an inner-rim suburb like West Allis. Is it true he didn’t know what SEWRPC was at a Wauwatosa Common Council meeting??? Let’s face it, the ONLY reason Senator Reynolds didn’t want any recording is his fear that his inane comments/positions will be dissemenated to the broader electorate and cause panic in the streets. As the election nears, I hope that there will be a candidate debate and that public access will broadcast it. HOWEVER, I remember when Agnos was running against Jeanette Bell for Mayor of West Allis, Agnos and his handlers (many of whom now handle Senator Reynolds) refused a debate unless Agnos could reply via computer with written responses. Would Reynolds ask for the same consideration? Just wondering!

  2. Concerned Tosan:

    Reynold’s “brain” is Bob Dohnal, JJ Blonien and a few others. They write his stuff for him and tell him what to think.

    The Senator my be a polite and innocuous fellow, but he cannot think on his feet. He does the bidding of others.

  3. Jim McGuigan:

    Good questions Mortifed. I think it’s pretty clear that if Reynolds tries a stunt like that, he may follow the same fate as Agnos did in his Mayoral bid.

    It will be interesting to see if the republican leanings of voters in that district will be enough to carry Reynolds through. I have no doubt that this race will get ugly as Reynolds has Bob Dohnahl advising him and JJ Blonien working for him. Both are hardcore and over the top with their attacks. I wouldn’t be shocked if Stan Zurawski waded into the mix.

  4. John-david Morgan:

    Please fill us in Jim.  Who’s Stan Zurawski?

  5. Jim McGuigan:

    Zurawski ran for Mayor in Tosa and lost. He’s the head of Tosans for Responsible Government (A CRG affiliate).

    Zurawski and his wife are the ones that went on the anti-“porn” crusade at Mayfair which we reported on last year.

  6. Bonzo:

    OH, and by the way… Didn’t Reynolds say at the Wawautosa ‘listening session’ that he NEVER works with lobbyists?
    Then where is all this money coming from?
    Midterm 2006

    Big Money Contributors* to:
    Tom Reynolds (R) – Senate District 5

    Contributors of $100 or more
    January 1, 2003 through December 31, 2005

    Records: 640
    Contributions: $74,649.73

    In-District**: $19,443.00 (29.6%)
    Out-District: $46,245.18 (70.4%)
    Self: $8961.55

    Records 1-500

    Records 501-640

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