If Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee was Mayor

mcgeemugshot.jpgI received this amusing e-mail about how the City of Milwaukee would be if the explosive Alderman Michael McGee/Jackson Jr. were to become Mayor. If you’ve been following McGee’s antics over the past few years you can appreciate all of the similarities. It was penned by Attorney Alan Eisenberg, a former independent candidate for Governor.

Alderman Michael McGee/Jackson has announced that he will be campaigning for Mayor of Milwaukee, and the clear signal is that life will change in our city when he is elected. All white citizens will be required to move out of town. All Latinos will be asked to move. The Police Chief will be ordered to no longer make arrests for possession of cocaine and other drugs of choice. His Mayoral campaign will be taken “to the streets.” Campaign funds will be raised from proceeds of muggings, and drug transactions on the streets. Fund raisers will be held by drug dealers. The name of Martin Luther King Drive will be changed to McGee/Jackson Boulevard. alan-eisenberg.jpgAll of our churches will close. Women’s lives will change drastically. Courts will no longer be needed, as telling the truth in courts will have no significance. McGee/Jackson will first appoint himself Chief of Police, and then Chief Judge, also. All gay and lesbian men and women will be arrested and incarcerated, they will be required to wear insignia bearing the legend: “faggots.” Hate crimes will be abolished. All Milwaukeeans will be allowed to have two names, and they will not be restricted to one driver’s license. If they have a judgment against them for an auto accident in one name, they can then get a driver’s license in a second name. Shouldn’t everyone be allowed to do that? Assaulting or verbally abusing police officers will be allowed, especially by him, and especially in neighboring municipalities like Wauwatosa. Should Mr. McGee/Jackson decide that he wants more extra-marital affairs so that he can spawn more children, and then deny such relationships exist, it will be approved. Women of his choosing will be horse-whipped if he chooses. His office will designated: Command Central, Principalities of Darkness. Will Milwaukee become a McGee/Jackson Utopia? Is this the script for some futuristic movie? Life in Milwaukee will become a “Principality of Darkness, if we let it.” Stay tuned.



  1. Matt R:

    In all fairness, it should be pointed out that Eisenberg (who has lost his law license more than most people lose wallets) currently represents the hypersensitive Leon Todd in his attempt to obtain a restraining order against McGee because of thing McGee said on the radio. If McGee were as big a crybaby as Todd, perhaps he could get a restraining order against Eisenberg.

  2. John-david Morgan:

    Eisenberg’s law license was suspended only, and not for anything but being an aggressive advocate. His license was reinstated in late January. Throughout, he has remained active with the original board of Citizens for Responsible Government, not to be confused with the Orville Seymour, et al, who operate under the name Citizens for Responsible Government Network.

    Eisenberg and Victor Huyke, publisher of El Conquistador, are active in the Milwaukee branch of CRG. It is an important distinction to make.

  3. Matt R:

    A suspended law license is a lost law license (but lets not quibble about that). Mr. Eisenberg had his licensed suspended for the third time, but recently got it back on a 4-3 vote from the suprem court, which stated

    “We share the dissent’s concern about Attorney Eisenberg’s disciplinary history, as did the reinstatement referee. The number of prior disciplinary proceedings in which Attorney Eisenberg has been involved, as well as the serious and unsavory nature of some of the specific counts of misconduct that he was found to have committed, do not paint a pretty picture.”

    Serious and unsavory is not “being an aggressive advocate”. Sorry, its hust not. You can read the whole opinion, including the dissent (which outlines the history) here (cut and paste it in)


    Attorney Eisenberg’s “conduct was of such aggravated nature as to cause Judge Krueger great mental suffering and anguish, which culminated in his death by his own hand on August 28, 1968.” Yeah, that’s aggressive.

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