Abele and Dimitrijevic gathering support

Wait in politics and pay the price.

That’s an important message in this race as some key influential folks who could have been players are now all but irrelevant.

The right side of the contest is Jeff Stone, the Greenfield republican who will follow Scott Walker’s lead, minus the charisma.

On the center and left philanthropist Chris Abele and County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic have sewn up much of the support out there. Unless something big happens, the rest of the candidates who have said the are running will be a bunch of “also rans”.

An interesting surprise in this race is that Abele has teamed up with millionaire businessman Sheldon Lubar. Lubar has taken the same position as we have here — eliminate County government.



  1. danko:

    Dimitrijevic is definitely the #2 behind Abele. If Abele wants it, it will be his to lose. She can’t compete on the money, mental capacity or black book. Union support really does not mean much anymore as the membership of the unions do very little any longer to support candidates. I know this because I was involved in a campaign where we had lists of members we had to go and rally as they were identified as actually vocalizing their support for republicans during union meetings and had republican yard signs! This was almost a full time job. Unions are not what they were back in the 50’s and 60’s. Any dem who hangs their hat on labor will be very challenged.

    Dimitrijevic has taken pages from the playbook of Tony Zielinski as well: tell people what they want to hear, grandstand on issues that sound populist, and find a way to draw attention by positioning yourself with the obvious knee-jerk issues.

    I would suggest we get a candidate who is not a career politician – or aspiring to be one – and has some experience in the REAL world doing something other than getting themselves elected and peddling influence 24/7. The world does not need more Blagojevichs.

  2. Jim McGuigan:

    Now that the papers have been filed and there is only Abele, a bunch of pols, and the lady who tried to run on the “not the white man’s bitch” party, you’ll have to choose.

    I’m curious — who do you like of the candidates so far or is it still too early to call?

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