Sheriff David Clarke could lose his Primary Election Bid

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke‘s claim to fame has been that he is the darling of Republican talk radio, but he runs as a democrat. In fact, everyone in the know is already aware that Clarke only runs as a democrat because it is highly unlikely that a Republican could win in Milwaukee County. Clarke wins every election because he garners the support of an odd coalition of Republican leaning voters and the support of African American voters. However, this month Clarke will have a democratic challenger, Chris Moews who has a decent chance at unseating Clarke in a primary.

Clarke received a fair amount of media in the last few years for unilaterally deciding that the traditional 6 cornered star was no longer going to be the symbol of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department. No, Clarke wanted a 5 cornered star and he had Sheriff’s department logos and letterhead discarded so the taxpayer could reprint all new letterhead (and remake badges as well) because Clarke decided that the traditionalists star had one too many points. But it is, of course, Clarke’s department to do with as he wishes and he doesn’t have to stick with a hundred years of tradition if he decides he doesn’t like the 6 pointed star, but it begged the question as to why he would care; that is until he was seen in a sleeveless shirt which showed he sported a 5 star tattoo. But whether Clarke is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys or he just got drunk one night and ordered a tattoo artist to put a star on his bicep without counting the points is not really the issue. The issue became why did Clarke care enough to make the taxpayer spend all of the extra cash and why was he willing to throw out the proud symbol of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department.

This month however, Clarke has to deal with one unexpected hiccup — a Republican primary.

Republican voters in Milwaukee County have to make a choice. They can either vote in the Republican primary or they can vote in the Democratic primary. They can’t cross over. This means that people who don’t support democrats won’t be voting in this election on the democratic ticket because they will want to have a say in the Republican race for Governor. Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker is running against former Congressman and current businessman Mark Neumann.

This leaves real democrats an opportunity to have a majority say of who they want in the office of Sheriff. This opens up the door for Moews.



  1. Liz Siefert:

    Real Democrats in Milwaukee County need to know who the endorsed Democratic candidate for Sheriff is: Chris Moews. But the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has yet to mention that fact.

    Active Democrats in the inner city need to know who the community’s leading elected officials (like Congresswoman Gwen Moore and State Senator Lena Taylor) have endorsed: Chris Moews. But the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has yet to mention that fact.

    I doubt that Clarke can win a Democratic primary when Democrats, not Republican crossovers, make up the electorate. But if Clarke does win, much of the blame should be laid at the door of a once-great newspaper, the Milwaukee Journal.

  2. Mitch:

    You REAL democrats might want to know that the REAL democrat in the sheriff’s race turned out to be a Republican. He voted for Bush in 2004, even going to a rally of his with a Bush t-shirt on…then in 2008 the REAL democrat endorsed John McCain. I’m guessing had Gwen Moore, Lena Taylor, and the Democrat Party known this previously, they may not have been so enthusiastic to endorse the REAL democrat. It’s quite funny to see how the REAL democrat has pulled the wool over your collective liberal eyes.

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