Goodbye “Moderate” Dems; Voters want The Real Thing

Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That’s the path many Democrats are following this year and Dems who follow the Republican-lite path will go down. After all, why elect a Republican-lite candidate when you can get the real thing.

We’re in the last 5 weeks of the fall election cycle. Several Dems are putting out campaign lit and running television commercials that say that they stood up to their own party, their own governor, or their own President. Those Democrats will lose — almost all of them.

Look at what history has shown us. Just prior to the Newt Gingrich Congress, democrats were expected to lose and they chose to “moderate” their own views. They lost by huge numbers. This year I’m noticing some different things. Some dems, such as Russ Feingold, aren’t sacrificing their values to win a seat. If Feingold does not prevail, it will be by his own terms and without sacrificing his moral beliefs.

Tom Barrett has stood up and shown how he has done a good job as Mayor without kicking sand in the face of other democrats. Last week the polls showed him trailing Republican Scott Walker by 10%. Now he is trailing by 5% and there are still 5 weeks to go. Expect Barrett to stand by his core values, because that’s the kind of man he is, and prevail in November. He may be trailing in the polls, but he is closely trailing and the momentum is with him.

Two years ago Republicans lost massively and what did they do? They turned even more extreme. They hardened their rhetoric against anything having to do with government. They supported even more corporate welfare. They opposed middle class tax cuts unless the ultra-rich got even a larger piece of the pie. Look what happened — the tea party, an angry faux grass roots movement, was born and they’re all going to vote for Republicans this year. Why? Because they were all Republicans before but they were all angry and now they’re all salivating over the possibility of doing well in November.

Today’s young political hacks should take note from history. Your candidates will lose. If voters want a Republican, they’re going to vote for the real thing, not a Democrat who says they’re standing up against Democratic value. Think of voters like Coca-Cola — they want the real thing, not a shallow imitation.


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  1. buddy:

    Thanks to the leadership of President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid, the Democratic Party is facing the biggest defeat in midterm elections in the past 110 years, perhaps surpassing the modern record of a 74-seat gain set in 1922. They will also lose control of the Senate.

    Republicans are now leading in 54 Democratic House districts. In 19 more, the incumbent congressman is under 50 percent and his GOP challenger is within five points. That makes 73 seats where victory is within easy grasp for the Republican Party. The only reason the list is not longer is that there are 160 Democratic House districts that were considered so strongly blue that there is no recent polling available.

    There is no Democratic message. President Obama is heralding education — an issue never mentioned on the campaign trail. Secretary of State Clinton is trying to restart the peace talks in the Middle East. Attorney General Holder is re-evaluating online national-security taps. And a hundred Democrats are scrambling about on their own trying to get reelected!

    The Democratic campaigns they are waging are formulaic. They make no attempt to defend the administration, but run away from it where possible. They never mention the words stimulus, healthcare reform, card-check, GM takeover or cap-and-trade.

    Instead, they are running almost exclusively negative ads.

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