Governor Elect Scott Walker Forfeits Jobs & Federal Funds

He claimed that he could get the federal government to let him use the $810,000,000 earmarked for high speed rail in Wisconsin for highway and other projects but Governor elect Scott Walker has failed. It now appears that he had no insight or inside information whatsoever, but rather a big pile of chutzpah when he made his claim.

The money will now to go California, Illinois and New York who do value commerce and the jobs that a high speed rail project will bring.

This is a huge turnaround from what has been happening in recent years. Governor Jim Doyle, a high speed rail supporter, had said he was going to push forward with plans to get rail moving in Wisconsin even between the time that Walker was elected in November and the time Walker took office in January.

Governor Doyle backed away from that. But really, who knows what the result would have been. Had Doyle moved forward with planning and engineering, Walker would have likely not moved forward with the plan for rail anyway so you can hardly blame Doyle for putting the grinding halt on the project.

Another nuance that is being lost here is that Walker has promised to create 250,000 new jobs in Wisconsin. His actions though run contrary to what he is saying. He’s going to be starting out his term by eliminating the thousands of jobs that would be created in both manufacturing the trains and in running them.

So if he is going to create 250,000 jobs, does this mean that he will be creating 254,000 jobs now to make up for the extra 4000 Wisconsin jobs he just killed?

If Walker is creating jobs, he’s certainly not creating them right here in Wisconsin.



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