Let’s Not Fool Ourselves about what Tolerance Really Is

Who would have thought that the word “tolerance” would be used so much by people who have so little tolerance. That’s the case right now. A growing number of folks on the right seem to think that people like me are intolerant because we don’t believe they should be given a soap box for all of their gripes.

If being intolerant is saying no, you can’t scream “FIRE” in a crowded theater then I’m guilty of intolerance.

No ones rights are being trampled on because they’re not being provided a soap box to scream vindictive comments in any place they so choose. That’s not censorship. It’s common sense to not allow some nut to rant and rave and make others uncomfortable because that nut decides he needs a place to scream.

Recently I was told that an employer, who happened to be a union, was intolerant because they fired a worker for wearing a sweat shirt that had the name of a competitor of one of their customers on it. Had the employer not been a union, I wonder if they would have received as much criticism.

You decide if you think this is an issue of tolerance and free speech or if it was just a loud mouth thinking that he had a right to bloviate and push his own political agenda on the job.

Imagine if this union worker was responsible for setting up a major publicity event to promote Coca-Cola. But he decided that he should wear his Pepsi shirt to the event. He knew it would offend the folks at Coca-Cola. He also knew that the folks at Coca-Cola were paying his salary. It was through the business dealings and efforts of Coca-Cola, not Pepsi, that the paid the mans salary. But no, he decided he would wear his Pepsi shirt. Then he was asked to remove his Pepsi shirt because the customer, Coca-Cola, was offended. After all, this event was to promote Coca-Cola, not Pepsi. The man screamed that his rights were being violated and that his right of free speech was being infringed upon. The man was told that he would be fired. He came up with a story about how his shirt wasn’t really about Pepsi, but about how he was supporting his own child. That message didn’t fly with the union or Coca-Cola. The man was fired.

Now would anyone think twice about this? We have a man who was passively promoting Pepsi at a Coca-Cola event. Why should he be paid to do that? Of course he should have been fired. It wasn’t free speech. The man was just being a blow hard.

Only it wasn’t a Coca-Cola event and he wasn’t wearing a Pepsi shirt. It was a Barack Obama event and he was wearing a sweatshirt that said George Bush.

But the man is outraged because he believes his rights were trampled.

This is the world we live in. Somehow this story of a man who believed that poor customer service was his right, is outraged and believes his employer is intolerant because he can’t wear what he chooses. He knew what he was doing. He just decided that he had a right to mouth off when the folks paying his salary wanted to be served. He’s not a pillar of virtue, he’s just a loud mouth with an axe to grind.

Veil it any way you want, everyone knows what he was really trying to do.

The man misunderstands what tolerance is. Sadly, he misunderstands what common sense is as well.



  1. Christopher Thomas:

    first, the man’s shirt said George H. W. Bush and had a picture of the aircraft carrier his son serves on.He did the right thing not to turn it around. Secondly, it wasn’t the Obama people who had anything to do with it, but his union which owes him a feduciary duty to protect him and his job. Like all unions they are more interested in supporting democrats than supporting our troops. Typical union B.S. Worthless ignorant pigs.

  2. martyg:

    That’s right! Send out the corporate thugs with clubs to get those worthless Union pigs. Bust the Unions!



    Then we can meet up at the country club after for a mimosa. Oh that’s right you can’t get in, you’re just a corporate lackey. Some things never change…..

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