Limbaugh Compares Feingold to Bin Laden

Russ Feingold is used to being called a maverick, but nothing can be more outrageous than syndicated Republican talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s comparison of him to the terrorist, Osama Bin Laden.

Limbaugh said that Bin Laden’s recent comments “sounds like this could easily be [said by] Russ Feingold, the Senator from Wisconsin.”

Limbaugh clearly doesn’t understand the differences between Wisconsin’s squeaky clean maverick senator and a cave dwelling, mass-murdering terrorist. But it’s not the first time that Limbaugh has used inflammatory rhetoric to incite his audience and it won’t be the last.



  1. Christopher Thomas:

    First, Limbaugh is a conservative, not a republican. Secondly, Feingold is hardly a maverick–unless passing unconstitutional legislation counts. If Feinglod were a maverick, he would have demanded Wisconsin get the same sweet deals on health care that Florida and Nebraska got. Feingold is Pelosi’s lapdog, nobody’s senator but Nebraska’s

  2. mkelover:

    Osama bin Laden said the global warming is real and blamed Bush for rejecting the Kyoto treaty.

    Show me where Feingold has said the opposite of that.

  3. Nick Cipollone:

    Russ Feingold is a great American; Rush Linbaugh is an @$$hat facist, a draft-dodger, and a blowhard megaphone that lies about the time of day. Global warming is real; it doesn’t matter who says it. Chris Thomas; mkelover- JOE MCCARTHY IS DEAD- will you quit voting for him? And get off your bellies while you’re begging for tax-cuts for rich people that hate you. Jeez.

  4. Martin Goldberg:

    Wow, some really far out responses here. First off, Rush Limbaugh is both a conservative talk show host *and* a Republican. Don’t confuse statements about not wanting to lead the Republican party or be in charge of it (during the whole Steele tiff) with not registering for and voting as a Republican. Unless you’re claiming Rush is a conservative Libertarian?

    Secondly, the list of Russ Feingold’s non status-quo stances includes being the only U.S. senator to vote against the Patriot Act, the only one to start raising the notion of impeachment for Bush, and one of the very few Democrats to have a consistent record against the war in Iraq. That alone, combined with the long list of other stances, makes him pretty Maverick(tm) – and at least Maverick enough to share the title with his partner in the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, John McCain. Secondly, a “Pelosi lapdog” would not have given the praise and public support to John McCain during the cantankerous election that Feingold did.

    Lastly, saying Feingold is relative to a terrorist organization leader because he was one of many (which include well respected world leaders, US leaders, and more) who criticized Bush for not signing the Kyoto treaty or who believe in Global Warming? That’s purely sensationalist drivel, any more than comparing Bush Jr. to Adolph Hitler for having comparative US security policies would be as well. I’ll throw back at you: show me where that’s logical, coherent, intelligent thinking.

    When I hear talk and reasoning like this, I’m reminded of the famous conservative William F. Buckley’s words: “The ideological licentiousness that rages through America today makes anarchy attractive to the simple-minded. Even to the ingeniously simple-minded.”

  5. Johnny Walker:

    For anyone who believes the liberal system that is in place right now and the way it is moving in the near future is the correct position for us to go as a nation is a blind/deaf person. Second, Rush said “sounds like something Russ Feingold would say”. I love the way we interpret this due to our blindness in the situation. It like saying, “Oprah in comparison acts like Ellen”. Are we calling her gay? No, but in comparison their daily activities are similar – so why not compare them. Again in a time when small things are not needed to be taken out of proporation – We the public seem to waste time finding ways to complain about nothing — instead of trying to figure out how to put the US ship back on course.

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