Sullivan and Holloway enter County Exec Race

State Senator Jim Sullivan and self-appointed County Executive Lee Holloway have entered the race for County Executive.

Holloway will undoubtably be a contender for the primary since Milwaukee County seems to sadly have a racial schism which will favor a lone black candidate in the primary. Unfortunately for Holloway, the majority of Milwaukee County will not vote for a candidate with so much baggage and he has little to no chance of being taken seriously in the general election even if he gets through the primary. He can, however, be a spoiler for a candidate who would be a real contender against Governor-elect Scott Walker’s hand picked successor, Jeff Stone.. Holloway should maintain his dignity and realize that while you can appoint yourself County Exec, the voters are the ones who will decide in the coming months and Holloway comes with too much baggage to ever make it through the general.

Sullivan, had he announced a month ago, would have sewn up the race but he now must contend with others in the fight for a finite amount of campaign contributors, many who had already committed to either philanthropist Chris Abele or County Supervisor Marina Dimitrajevic who, like Sullivan, has dragged her feet in this race.

News outlets, especially the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel have missed the boat on an analysis of this race. Sullivan, like Holloway, has a built in base that several others cannot draw on. Sullivan, despite the ignorance rampant at the JS, actually won his last race if you count only Milwaukee County. Waukesha County voters, who ousted in in favor of Senator elect Leah Vukmir, will have no influence in this race aside from their campaign donations which will certainly flow to Republican Assembly rep and County Exec Candidate Jeff Stone.



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