Why doesn’t Ron Johnson pay taxes like the rest of us?

Ron Johnson is hawking himself as a fiscally responsible alternative to Wisconsin’s Jr. Senator, Russ Feingold. But as it turns out, Ron Johnson’s businesses don’t pay taxes according to a letter from the State of Wisconsin’s Department of Revenue.

Johnson’s business ventures include Pacur Inc, Pacur International, Pacur LLC and Pacur Studios have paid nothing, that’s zero, in State taxes for the last ten years. The last time any of his businesses paid taxes was in 1994, yet Johnson’s commercials tell of a tax system that is strangling businesses.

How can $0 be too much? Does Johnson think that workers ought to be forced to pay a portion of their salaries to support these businesses? How else would roads and infrastructure which support Johnson’s businesses be maintained? If all businesses simply ceased paying their fair share, as Johnson’s businesses have, then we would have rubble for state highways.

And this is what Ron Johnson says is responsible?

Mr. Johnson, I understand that in 2008 you paid some significant taxes. I get it. But to not pay anything in the year before an election you planned to run for; really sir, what were you thinking? How is the public to believe that you are a fiscally responsible alternative to a Senator you are busy badmouthing? Mr. Johnson, why do you think that you are better than the rest of us?

It appears that you don’t believe that taxes are meant for everyone. Last year I paid my taxes and I’m struggling just like most people are these days. So why Mr. Johnson, why do you think you’re better than me?

Hat tip to Emily Mills for the graphic. Emily is the most talented graphic artist who is also a political blogger in Wisconsin. Her graphics cut to the tooth and tell the real story in an eye catching way. She is a tremendous asset to the Wisconsin blogging community and no, I don’t often single out another blogger for these accolades but Emily deserves kudos.


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  1. DonnaLRC:

    Thank you! All that and the track to insider trading inherent to Federal office.

    Why hasn’t his siding with the Archdioces of Appleton on the abuse issue been barely publicized? I refuse to vote for a man who (virtually) condones abuse.

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