Will Vukmir’s Venom be enough?

Extremist candidate Leah Vukmir is running negative campaign ads against State Senator Jim Sullivan, but will it be enough? Sullivan is leading in the polls but the morally bankrupt talk show host, Charlie Sykes, is doing a nearly constant lambaste against Sullivan while fundraising for Vukmir on the radio. This has allowed Vukmir to purchase even more negative ads.

While Sullivan is a bit of a maverick in the State Senate, having voted against Governor Doyle’s last budget and bucking the will of some of those in his own party, he has earned the like-ability factor in his own district. He is a family man, has children in the district, and is involved in his community.

Vukmir on the other hand has the reputation for being a bit of a screaming banshee. While she currently represents one-third of the district as an Assembly rep, those in the Greek community, to which she belongs, think she’s a bit of an unpredictable nut who is happy to tow the talk radio party line whether it benefits those she represents or not.

But extremism and negativity aren’t unusual in Wisconsin and Vukmir isn’t the first to use scare tactics. After all, we are the state that elected Senator Joe McCarthy whose negative attacks and outright lies destroyed the lives of hundreds of patriotic Americans during his manufactured red scare.



  1. kenyatta yamel:

    she’s horrible. she is an example of the mean women that the repugnant party is backing. hateful, intolerant and shrill.

  2. Tim Nolan:

    Go Vukmir! Re-defeat communism in 2010!

  3. kathy:

    Congratulations Leah Vukmir! Wasn’t Jim Sullivan the guy that voted twice in an election?

  4. Jim McGuigan:

    That was a deceptive claim from a CRG member who didn’t bother to look further into it. Had CRG done their homework they would have realized that Jim Sullivan (Sr) voted where he lives in Whitefish Bay and Jim Sullivan (Jr) voted where he lives in Wauwatosa.

    Apparently the whole part about a son having the same first and last name as his father is too complicated of a concept for those folks.

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