Bungled: Politifact’s Criticism of Abele a Double Standard

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel bungled another rating. They applied a higher standard to Milwaukee County Executive candidate Chris Abele than they did to our current Governor, Scott Walker.

Abele’s website states, “Chris will grant a short-term property tax exemption for new small business startups based on new net jobs created in Milwaukee County.”

The JS honed in on what is legal versus what is possible.

Technically the JS is not wrong, but in practice they blew it. It would not have taken too much work for the columnist to find another recent example of a tax break that was not legal but was enacted shortly after it was proposed. Former County Executive, now Governor, Scott Walker announced that he would issue pension obligation bonds to pay for Milwaukee County’s pension liability. It was illegal at the time but Walker pushed it through anyway. Both the Wisconsin legislature as well as Governor Jim Doyle approved legislation that would allow Walker to borrow money to pay for present day expenses.

So is it fair to hold Abele to a higher standard than the man who was in the seat Abele hopes to win? We rate this a double standard.



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