Darling Ads morphing to vicious attacks against Pasch as Recall Election Looms

State Senator Alberta Darling is upset that thousands of people signed a petition to recall her and the once mild mannered moderate Republican from River Hills is morphing into a vicious screaming banshee as her political career winds down. Democratic challenger and State Representative Sandy Pasch is Darling’s target and it is getting ugly.

One would think that Pasch, who was a nurse in the private sector, is a horrible human being. Darling is using her ads to allude that Pasch is even worse that Darling is so that Darling looks sweet in comparison. The reality is that the voters of this highly educated district have already started to tune out television commercials maligning Pasch because they know what Darling has really stood for.

Darling’s votes to support Governor Scott Walker’s tax cuts for millionaires will not be forgotten by her voters, even if she is busy making outrageous claims about her opponent.

Clearly Darling is desperate.



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