Journal-Sentinel uses Double Standards for Exec Candidates

Today, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel published their Politifact column and gave candidate Jeff Stone a “true” on a softball question. They may as well have done an analysis of whether Stone likes puppies.

Stone said, “I’m the only candidate for Milwaukee County executive that has voted against increasing government pensions.” But is this really true?

The problem with this question is that it is misleading. It creates a doubt in the voters mind making them think that all of the other candidates have voted FOR increasing government pensions. That’s just not true.

So why would the Journal-Sentinel encourage this sneaky deception and then rate the statement “true”?

Earlier this week we pointed out that Journal Communications is the parent company of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, WTMJ AM620 radio and WTMJ Channel 4 (television). Each of the 3 sources appears to reinforce each other. None of them will criticize one of their sibling media sources. After all, Journal Communications is a business and criticizing one, discredits all.

For years it has been obvious that WTMJ AM620 has been a shill for the Republican party. It is now becoming clear that the Journal-Sentinel is now whoring their columns out to the GOP just as their radio station has been for years.

By lobbing this softball question to Stone, and letting him manipulate the wording in order to earn a “true”, the JS has discredited themselves.



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