Sullivan and Abele Kick off New Ads

In the Sullivan ad, candidate Jim Sullivan introduces himself and lays out who he is and why he believes, and is committed to, public service. He hits on his background as a Navy reservist and small business owner. Sullivan has identified himself as a candidate who wants to restore our parks and transit system while at the same time making it clear that he believes former County Executive Scott Walker has neglected core services. This is a smart move for a primary ad since it seeks to pick up voters who won’t be voting for a Republican anyway.

Chris Abele continues his ads with this one explaining why he thinks County government is broken. He talks about “perks” such as cell phones and cars. Unfortunately for Abele he appears to be out of touch with how businesses and government works. Nearly everyone today owns a cell phone — even many seniors. Cell phones allow high level workers to communicate with their staff. Abele unfortunately doesn’t understand there are not many department heads that have “company cars”. It’s really disappointing because Abele is normally a smart guy who is deserving of respect, but he is clearly pandering to voters who want to think the worst about County government and the fear-monger voters have already lined up behind Jeff Stone. Abele is unlikely to pry those voters away from Stone and it is safe to say that his strategy of trying to win the hearts of Republicans isn’t a smart primary strategy.



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