Governor Walker making Poor Decision on Mansion Kitchen Remodel

At a time when Governor Scott Walker is asking so many to give up so much he’s planning on a nearly half million dollar renovation to the kitchen in the Governor’s mansion. Sadly, he’s out of touch with what many Wisconsinites are going through right now.

Walker has built his reputation as a penny pinching fiscal hawk but a closer look at his policies don’t reflect a lot of fiscal discipline. Borrowing to spend while cutting revenues to pay back the borrowing his been how he has managed to fund his brand of governing, but the public has been mostly shielded from that fact.

Walker has used his predecessor, Governor Jim Doyle, as a punching bag for passing blame. In fact, if you look at Walker’s entire political career he has built himself up by tearing others down. This project is going to be tough for him to blame on anyone else. After all, Doyle didn’t push for the taxpayer to borrow to pay for a kitchen remodel — Walker is.

As a contractor I understand that these types of projects can be done in-house. He doesn’t need an engineer or a fancy designer. All Walker needs is to use some of the competent people who already work for the state. Going to outside contractors isn’t going to save money — using in-house talent will.

Much of the money, Walker says, will be raised by private donations. Still, he is asking for nearly a half million to be funded by the taxpayers. If Walker and his wife, Tonette, want this renovation they should raise private funds to pay for it entirely. If we’re using tax dollars, we should be more focused on fixing the states crumbling infrastructure instead of whether Tonette can have a nicer kitchen to make a tasty crumble.

Here is the reality — major kitchen renovations are expensive. If Walker really wants this luxury, he shouldn’t be turning to the taxpayers to fund it. Like the french Queen, Marie Antoinette, Walker seems to be firmly out of touch with the economic struggles of the general public during this recession. But unlike the royalty of Antoinette’s era, Walker has to stand for election every few years. His actions don’t speak well for his decision making abilities. Those actions appear to be saying that the pubic is made up of foolish peasants here to pay for the whims and luxuries of an entitled Governor.



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