Walker will never come clean

During last nights debate between Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and the embattled Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Barrett urged Walker to come clean and release the documents and emails in his possession that are related to criminal wrongdoing among Walker’s staff.

Walker dodged the question.

Richard Nixon and Scott WalkerWalker claims that District Attorney John Chisholm doesn’t want him talking about the case but Barrett called him on it. As it turns out, Walker could release any and all of his emails into the public domain. He simply chooses not to — and, like Richard Nixon didn’t want to release the Watergate tapes, Walker has his own reason; self-preservation of his political career.

Next Tuesday voters will go to the polls to decide if they want to toss out Walker in a recall election. With Chisholm remaining tight lipped about the ongoing John Doe investigation, it is no shock that Walker wants to keep wrongdoing out of the news.

Of course this begs several other questions — why is Chisholm taking so long in his investigation when clearly the people who are being charged are available and at his disposal? It is understandable that he does not want to politics to influence the outcome of justice, but he himself was elected and now he is responsible for investigating other politicians. Try as he might, he cannot divorce himself from the fact that politics will have an influence regardless of the outcome of his findings or of any trial. Just as Nixon claimed, if Walker is found to have been involved in the criminal activities in his own office, Walker will claim it is all because of his enemies.

There is no small irony here. Just a few years earlier, Walker accused former Governor Jim Doyle of wrong doing in the Aldelman travel fiasco. Contracts were found to have been steered toward Adelman travel who were contributors to the Doyle campaign. Doyle stated that he was unaware of this. Walker said that anything that happened in Doyle’s office showed misconduct by Doyle and he was responsible. Now that Walker’s staffers have been charged with felonies for activities in Walker’s offices, Walker claims he knew nothing of their activities and he cannot be held responsible.

Walker will continue to stonewall the public and any reporters who dare to ask the hard questions but that does not mean they should stop asking. Former Milwaukee County Executive, now Governor, Scott Walker has in his possession emails relating to illegal campaigning while being paid on the county taxpayers dime. It is no shock that he does not want those emails released.

As reporter Dan Bice‘s Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article points out, there are serious problems in the Walker camp.

(Assistant District Attorney Bruce) Landgraf‘s filing is the first public suggestion Walker’s office later reversed course and quit cooperating. “As part of the pre-Doe investigation, Investigator Jeffrey Doss sought to obtain documentation that would form the basis of tracing the funds from Milwaukee County to the Order,” Landgraf wrote in his May 2010 petition. “The Office of the County Executive has been unwilling or unable to provide such documentation. It is unclear at this juncture why the Office of the County Executive has not produced (or has not caused another Department to produce) these records.”

The public would be best served by having the information released prior to the election but Walker clearly knows what it says and the only reason he would have for not releasing it is it’s damaging effects on his political career.

Just as Nixon did not want his secret tapes made public, Walker does not want his secret emails made public.



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