Walker won. Now get over it.

Walker won for one reason — people are sick of recalls. Despite the fact that many people are not pleased with the outcome, myself included, I understand it and accept it. The unions got exactly what they deserved. Teachers sat by and voted for him the first time as did police officers and firefighters. Now they are reaping what they have sewn. My opinion — too bad. In politics you don’t get a mulligan.

Union members got lazy and listened to the rhetoric. Rather than taking the time to examine what would happen if they elected a divisive neo-con, many listened the vague generalities. They drank the kool-aid Walker was serving.

Walker deserved the recall, not because of his radical policies, but because his entire political career is now stained by his organizing a recall that brought him to power in the first place in Milwaukee County. You can’t be for something when it benefits you and then against it when the same policy hurts you.

That being said, Wisconsin would be better served by changing the recall laws to reflect the law in Georgia where petitioners must first go before a judge and prove malfeasance in office prior to being allowed to move forward with a recall election. But why won’t we do that here? Because we have a state filled with cowardly politicians running to cover their own backsides instead of putting the needs of the people first.



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