Change the Dialogue, Change the Debate

One thing that moderates and liberals are lousy at doing is advocating for what they really want. They give their causes benign little names, their bills get titled things that barely represent what they really are, but they allow the opposition to belittle them.

They need to get tough for a change.

There’s a reason why liberals and even today’s moderates have the reputation for being pussies. There’s no reason why we’re having a discussion about gun control. Many liberals don’t give a damn about gun control. It’s not the guns that are the problem — it’s the efficiency in massacres that various firearm related products afford. High capacity clips for guns make it so that you can mow down a dozen people without even taking the time to reload. With today’s firearms that’s barely the time it takes a person to take a breath. So call it what it is.

The Massacre Prevention Act.

Now that really tells us what it’s about. It’s not about hunters. It’s not about someone being able to protect themselves. Someone can protect themselves from an unwelcome intruder if they keep a 12 gauge shotgun under their bed. Of course they could just as easily waste one of their own family members, but that’s not the issue that is in front of the nation today. The issue is these mass killings — these massacres.

Like it or not, we like to label things. The group that advocates for healthcare for women now is disavowing the label “pro-choice” because they are about so much more than one of two choices. I think they’re a little naive, but then my label of “pro-health” wouldn’t fly with many of those folks just as my label for their opposition wouldn’t fly with those folks.

Labels are here to stay. Slogans are here to stay. As long as people get their news and views from a 15 second TV commercial, political advocates will try to boil down their message to fit within that time frame and still have enough time to get in a bit more about their message.



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