Trump Supporters: “He Speaks To Us” vs. Establishment: “He’s Exposing Us”

Wisconsin is a classic petri dish for what Republican leaders want — stealth campaigning, an amassing of power, use of that power to change the rules to assure a permanent legislative majority, then enacting that power for radical change that will ensure the wealthy and the powerful will amass more wealth and power to rule. GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, by telling primary voters what they already believe, is throwing a monkey wrench into stealth campaigning which is the building block needed to enact the rest of the increasingly radical GOP agenda.

Establishment Republicans are lashing out at GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, saying his fascist views are harming the party. Their party faithful are simply saying that he speaks to them. Trump is ahead for one simple reason — he’s not sugar coating what they already feel, whether that is right or wrong.

But why? Why is there a full scale freakout among the GOP strategists who have for decades been listened to and now that the frontrunner has no need for their campaign money, find they have no audience. Trump has no need to kneel at their altar and listen to their self anointed words of wisdom.

Their strategy of radicalization of poor whites, motivated by fear and fed by ignorance, has worked. Republicans have built a coalition of the uneducated working class and the wealthy elite by pointing at the poor and racial minorities and getting people who should by their own economic place in life, be aligned with Democrats.

Wisconsins divide and conquer strategy has worked out well for the GOP.

Just look at Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker didn’t run on destroying unions, stripping environmental protections or eliminating consumer protections like the lemon law — but he accomplished all of that.

Walker didn’t talk about the high cost of rural roads as contributing to high taxes — he had his surrogates blame poor people and public-sector employees. He didn’t talk about how high incarceration rates contribute to high taxes — he pushed for harder sentences. He didn’t talk about stripping away environmental protections — he talked about creating jobs and blamed environmentalists when jobs weren’t created.

Each of these moves helped to mobilize his base and motivate donors.

Trump has no need for donors.

Look also at the medium that Republicans use to motivate and mobilize their base — talk radio. Talk radio has been an amazing tool of the Republican party. It has radicalized views and pushed even previously reasonable sounding Republicans further to the right. It has played on fears, divided Americans and marginalized and isolated groups that don’t fit into their narrow ideology. It’s commercial interests lie not with the common man, but with their corporate owners who financially benefit from a radicalization of Americans.

Trump is saying what many of these talk radio show hosts have been howling about for years. It’s someone else’s fault. It’s someone else’s fault that your kids schools are not up to par. It’s someone else fault that you can’t find a job. It’s someone else’s fault that your roads suck.

This plays right into what Trump is talking about. Someone else is always the problem. It’s not you, white America, who are the problem. It’s not you, wealthy black pastors who are the problem. It’s not you, Christians who have your own federal holidays and who feel people of faith are under attack, it’s the Muslims.

Trump is, like it or not, playing the same divide and conquer game that Governor Scott Walker is doing. The difference is that Walker does it quietly because he knows that after the primary election, the candidate has to appeal to more than just a base of party loyalists. Trump realizes that with 15 candidates of varying degrees of success, he needs to stand out. He can be as bombastic as he wants because at the end of the day, 1/15th of the vote is never going to win him a primary election and unless he appeals to those who base their votes on fear, he’ll never even have the chance to be a contender in the general election.



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