My Statement and Questions for Sensenbrenner at Thiensville Village Hall June 26, 2006

Sorry there weren’t more of you there.  There was a cameraperson/reporter for Spivak and Bice and a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle covering why Senselessbrenner is so jacked up about immigration, given that he is in a district that is soooooooo far away from the Mexican border.  (Beeeeeee  Afwaaaaid, Vewy, Veeewy Afwaaaaaid!)

 “I’d like to make a statement which you don’t need to comment on, and then I would like to ask some questions which I will ask you to answer.

I’ve previously told other Town Hall audiences of the fact that many Skin Head and Ku Klux Klan groups around the country are rallying around your anti-immigrant legislation, and that there had been a marked increase in violent acts against immigrants, while hate crime legislation has not been invoked in prosecuting the perpetrators of these crimes.  Your proposed legislation is stirring up a division in this country and increasing hate crimes across the country, yet you have refused to speak out against those actions and the groups and individuals who are committing those crimes.

sensenbrenner.jpgIn your latest “newsletter” propaganda piece, you have in the questionnaire portion, a question asking “Would you support a law protecting grieving family members from anti-war protestors while attending the funeral of an American soldier?”

You know that that question is a lie because the protestors are not anti-war at all.  They are far right lunatics led by the Rev. Fred W. Phelps Sr. and his Westboro Baptist Church out of Topeka, Kansas who are anti-gay and claim that God is striking down America and our soldiers because in his words “America tolerates Gays”.  That isn’t an anti-war message.  It is the message of right wing lunatics.   And you have falsely attributed those actions to anti-war protestors who want this war and the killing to stop.

In an earlier Town Hall meeting I asked you why it was that the Medicare Prescription Part D Legislation did very little to help the senior citizens with their high costs of prescription drug care, and instead gave hundreds of billions of dollars to the Pharmaceutical Drug Companies.  Your response at that time was that “That’s the way it works.”  You claimed that by giving the drug companies the money, that that would somehow indirectly result in help to seniors and patients who need help with their medication costs.  Yet, in a Town Hall meeting in Glendale on April 29th, you stated that “The thing is that Medicare Part D gives at least four hundred billion dollars of help to senior citizens!”

Now, you know that that is not true, and I know that that is not true, so I feel that you should either back up that statement with proof that that money is indeed going directly to senior citizens, and not to the drug companies, or you should publicly retract that statement.  You also did not recuse yourself from the votes on that legislation, even though the bulk of your stock holdings are in the Pharmaceutical Drug companies who benefited from the legislation which you voted for.

You voted against aid for the Katrina victims, Americans, because you claimed that there weren’t enough accounting safeguards put in place to avoid misappropriations and outright theft. Yet you voted time and time again to fund the “rebuilding of Iraq” a quagmire which is now approaching half a trillion dollars, and has lasted longer than the U.S. involvement in World War II, without any accounting safeguards from contractors and a foreign government which barely has any infrastructure at all, with billions of dollars in no bid contracts going to Halliburton, which you hold stock in.

I’ve also asked you on at least seven separate occasions to investigate the use of Depleted Uranium munitions on the part of the U.S. military, and get them to stop using it because of the overwhelming scientific evidence from experts around the world who have publicly testified to the toxic effects and the dangers to anyone exposed to it.  In initial discussions, you’ve either claimed that

1) “the question is why Saddam Hussein had possession of Depleted Uranium munitions.”  Anyone who knows anything about DU weapons knows that they were developed by the United States and Britain and that Saddam Hussein didn’t have them.

2) You claimed you didn’t know anything about it and would look into it, or hadn’t had enough time to get the information because you’d only had a couple of months to work on it (this was in late 2004 and early 2005 when I had first brought this to your attention.  But in fact, you already were aware of it by that time because Congressman Jim McDermott (D – Washington), had by that time already submitted two bills in the House starting in March of 2003, with HR 1483, which was delayed in committee, and then had to be resubmitted again in May of 2005 HR 2410, and he had contacted every member of Congress to let them know about this bill.  Yet you acted like you didn’t know anything about it.  It was again submitted as HR 5122, section 716, which finally passed on May 11th of this year.

3) You’ve also claimed on various occasions that DU was classified as a matter of National Security, yet there is plenty of documentation on it that has been released by various scientific and medical groups who have been studying DU for over 15 years now, and is freely available over the internet through groups like Physicians for Social Responsibility (Dr. Helen Caldicott’s group), miltoxproj.org , http://traprockpeace.org/depleteduranium.html , Leuren Moret, a geoscientist who worked at two U.S. Nuclear Weapons laboratories and turned whistleblower, and Dr. Doug Rokke, the Pentagon’s top expert on Depleted Uranium munitions who had been interviewed and testified on numerous occasions as to the hazards of Depleted Uranium which has caused 250,000 soldiers from the first Gulf war to become completely and permanently disabled, 15,000 soldiers to die, and over 425,000 soldiers to become ill, out of the 697,000 who served for three weeks in Iraq and were exposed to anywhere from 350-800 Tons of DU.

We now have over 1,000,000 soldiers and 24,000,000 Iraqi civilians who have been exposed to more than 2200 tons of DU during this war, and they have served for as long as three tours of duty and some are entering their fourth tour.  Over a year each tour, with no protection.

You claimed that “the Department of Defense claimed that DU saves lives and is safe”, and that that was your “final word on the matter” so I ask the members of this audience to look at these pictures and tell you whether they believe that DU is safe and whether or not you and the Department of Defense are telling them the truth.  Genocide and Mass Murder of not only millions of Iraqis, but of our own military being put on the ground, and their spouses and children, are being affected by this, and yet you do nothing.  (At this point, I take out pictures that have been posted online by doctors who have been treating the victims of Depleted Uranium radiation poisoning.  I hold them up and show them to the audience and at Sensenbrenner and ask them if they believe that these children have not been affected by DU and ask them again if they really believe Sensenbrenner and the Department of Defense when they tell them that DU is safe.  Gasps from the crowd.  Sensenbrenner doesn’t say a word.  I pass them to members of the audience and ask them to pass them along so everyone can see them.  You can see them at: http://www.barremore.net/depleted-uranium-kills.html )

(Jim Ott, the former weatherman who is running for Curt Gielow’s seat as a Republican, is sitting behind me.  I find out later, that Jim Ott, with the assistance of the other Republican plants in the audience, has gathered up the pictures, and placed them face down underneath his seat so that no one further away from me has an opportunity to view the pictures!!!  What does he hope to gain by covering up the fact that this government is hiding the fact that DU is killing children, not just Iraqis, but U.S. Military children because of the damage to their DNA!!!???  Would a moral, God fearing Christian person who cares about children, intentionally hide evidence of a crime against them?  Ask him yourself, the next time you have a chance, why he hid the pictures from the view of the rest of the people in the audience.)

I’ve been a constituent of yours for almost as long as you have been in politics.  Yet, I’ve never felt that you have ever spoken for me, stood up for me, nor did the right thing in my interests or in the interests of the majority of the people of your district. You’ve managed time and time again, with your political ties and your financial influence, to pull the wool over the majority of this District’s voters’ eyes to get them to vote for you and your policies, which hurt them economically and in the view of the majority of the world’s opinion of these United States.  Your tirades and outbursts in Congress are a continual source of embarrassment for many of us, and your continual support of this current administration’s policies while breaking over 750 laws, without so much as a question, let alone a Grand Jury Investigation which would put Bush, Cheney and the rest of his administration under oath.

On previous occasions, I’ve asked a number of different questions about a number of different issues as I’ve outlined earlier, and while we may both disagree on the merits of the issues, as you’ve stated time and time again in support of your anti-immigrant legislation, “It is important to start the discussion.”  I would agree that that is the case, but I would submit to you and to this audience that it is important for all parties to be involved in all of the discussions, and not to just pick and choose depending on what is politically advantageous, and avoid what is politically embarrassing.

Now I ask you.

  1. When are you going to take a stand against the hate that you yourself are inciting with your rhetoric, and denounce the Skinheads and the Ku Klux Klan who are helping to push your agenda, as well as suspending the lies and innuendo which you are using to promote your proposed legislation?  (Sensenbrenner claims that he is against any violent acts, but won’t denounce what the Skinheads and the Ku Klux Klan are doing.)
  2. Will you publicly retract your attribution of these soldiers’ funeral protests to the anti-war protestors and do so to the same extent that you disseminated the lies in the first place, and pay for it with your campaign dollars rather than with taxpayer dollars as it was originally disseminated?  (Sensenbrenner refuses to answer this.)
  3. Will you recuse yourself from voting on any issues relating to bills which you will personally gain from financially? (on matters of Pharmaceutical Company assistance, or funding of the War). (Sensenbrenner refuses to answer this.)
  4. Finally, will you demand that the DoD follow through with the medical tests and treatment that our troops deserve for serving this country as was asked of them, in spite of the lies that were given to send them into this war in the first place?  (Sensenbrenner refuses to answer this.)   

I’ve asked these questions before on several occasions and you have not answered them, so I would like for you to answer them now, instead of just blowing them off and avoiding them as usual.”

Sensenbrenner moves on without missing a beat.  Ignoring what he chooses to.  Classic Senselessbrenner.

Do you think he cares about our troops, or their spouses, or their children?

Think about this every time you hear about one of them who dies young and mysteriously from some illness that goes unexplained.

Think about this every time you hear about a child who is born with horrendous birth defects and at least one of their parents served in the military.

Then ask yourself if Sensenbrenner is a Patriot.

Ask yourself if any Republican who covers this up is a Patriot.

Ask yourself if you are doing enough to get your friends, neighbors, relatives and representatives in any political office to give a damn about what is happening.

Then ask yourself what would happen, and how you would feel, if it happened to you.



  1. Matt:

    Wrong actions of doctors often lead to death which then carefully become covered by lawyers of clinics WBR LeoP

  2. vic:

    The thing is that he is only interested in what affects him personally. So when he is in a near mid air collision a couple of weeks ago, all of a sudden he is interested in the topic.

    Perhaps he would have interest in voting for unemployment compensation extensions if he lost his job.

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