Our Mascot –

Deuce, the 5 year old Pit Bull Terrier on Guard
by Jim McGuigan
January 28, 2005

Deuce.  He's a tough guy but playful, smart and a little whimsical.  He represents the values of WatchDogMilwaukee.com.

With hundreds of dogs being put to sleep each week in Milwaukee alone, we wanted a mascot who had come on hard times but had been rescued.  Unlike the policies of some of our political leaders, we believe there are things from the past have value which we can learn from.

We put out a challenge to hundreds of animal rescue organizations to submit pictures of dogs they have rescued.  We combed through multiple photos — some silly, some vicious and some which were just uninspiring.  There were many good submissions, but Deuce stood out.  Deuce seemed to best represent our values.

At just 6 months old, Deuce was dumped at a vet clinic for an overnight boarding stay.  The owner never picked him up.  As is often the case with dogs like Deuce, his chance at having a future looked bleak.  More often than not, dogs like Deuce are simply euthanized.  An undeserved stigma is attached to American Pit Bulls due to aggressive training by human bottom feeders who train them to fight for the purposes of gambling.  Dog fighters feed them antifreeze to make them sick and mean.  They put heavy chains and weights around the dogs necks to make them strong and train them to be canine gladiators.

Deuce was lucky.  He was rescued by a Pit Bull rescuer who fell in love with him and in the end couldn't bring herself to adopting him out.

Today, Deuce is five years old and eighty pounds.  The picture of health, Deuce gets along great with other dogs, with cats and with children and small animals. He's a canine good citizen and is a human education dog.

WatchDogMilwaukee.com thanks Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue for submitting the picture of Deuce. His look represents our values.


  1. Amanda Swanson:

    Love your blog – just came across it tonight. Also, thank you so much for promoting the positive image of pit bulls! I was happily surpised when I saw Deuce and your great write-up of him. We have rescued 2 pits and they are great and very misunderstood dogs. Our dogs and millions of others thank you for your message (both political and humane!).
    Amanda Swanson

  2. Sammy:

    i loved this article because pit bull terriers are very misunderstood and thought to be evil, mean animals. when they really arent they are only like that when the owner teaches them to be, im 17 and seem to understand these dogs better than most adults who think that they will just be killing machines…

    thank you for this article!


  3. Nora P.:

    I, too, just came across your website and blog tonight. I’m thrilled to know there’s an alternative voice for Milwaukee citizens. I am thoroughly enjoying your entries and really enjoy this article. I’m an animal lover and truly respect those that fight for those who cannot speak. Thank you. And please, please keep up the good work! There are people that agree with you out there.

  4. Brian L. Van Eimeren:

    Oh yes, I love Pit-Bulls. They remind me of Hockey Moms, only without the lipstick;-)

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