Our Reporting Policy –

Here at Watchdog Milwaukee we don’t shy away from hard hitting stories and we will do our best to provide background. We’ll connect the dots and provide insight. But as a reader, there are certain things you deserve to know.

Reporting vs Opinion
Any news source that claims that they write without bias is lying. And yes, that’s why you come to Watchdog Milwaukee — we tell you when someone is lying in plain language. We make no denials that in our opinion pieces that we are fiscal tight wads and socially liberal with an almost libertarian flair.

However we do write articles that lay out the facts for you in ways that other media sources do not. As part of those stories, we do connect the dots. We believe that reporting, as it is done in the majority of the mainstream media, fails to provide their consumers with context needed to formulate well-reasoned opinions.

Anonymous Sources
Although we avoid using anonymous sources, we recognize that there are occasionally reasons why a whistleblowers life would be adversely impacted, be it either personal or financial, if they were to go on the record. So here’s what we do — if a source asks for their name to be withheld, we will honor that. However, if the information that they provide turns out to be untrue, we will edit the story to include their name. So, if you’re looking to pitch an idea to us, and want to use us as a shield to protect you, please make sure you’ve got your facts straight.


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